"When I was a kid, my parents noticed my interest in everything around the kitchen." - Julian Escobar, Chef

Foundry Chef Julian Escobar will showcase his talents as the restaurant welcomes The New Pelican for its 30th anniversary charity celebration on Sept. 18

In the heart of this city culinary scene just a short stroll from the waterfront, The Foundry’s Executive Chef Julian Escobar and General Manager Craig Rubin are poised to deliver an unforgettable evening of great food and ambiance as they host The New Pelican’s 30th anniversary party and charity event on Sept. 18 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. “We are looking forward to a wonderful soirĂ©e in support of worthy causes,” said Escobar. “I am always updating our menu and providing new creations to highlight locally produced and seasonal food items. I also work hand in hand with our staff to develop exciting daily specials and great happy hour options.”

Escobar’s journey through the world of gastronomy was nothing short of extraordinary. Born in New York but quickly whisked away to his family’s ancestral home in Cali, Colombia, this future star grew up in a milieu that cherished food as the ultimate expression of love. As a child, he would often watch his great grandmother and great aunt create magic in the kitchen for their holiday catering business. “When I was a kid, my parents noticed my interest in everything around the kitchen,” said Escobar. “I then started watching great culinary ambassadors like Anthony Bourdain and became inspired to follow my dream of becoming a world-class chef.”

Julian Escobar

It was in those formative years that he developed a profound apreciation for the art of cooking. After completing his culinary education at a Colombian institute, he went to work at the renowned Hotel Intercontinental in Cali. He honed his skills in the corporate world while absorbing the essence of diverse cuisines and culinary traditions. “I then knew it was time for me to head back to my birth country in order to grow my career. Moving to the melting pot that is Florida in 2015, I found employment at a fantastic French bistro in Boca Raton where I learned a whole new set of skills.
After about four years, I went to work at an all-American restaurant closer to the beach where I was quickly promoted to executive chef.” In 2021, Escobar’s rise continued as he parlayed his experience into a job offer at The Foundry as a sous-chef. After 18 months, he was promoted to executive chef. His arrival marked a turning point, as he brought his unique perspective and a deep respect for culinary craftsmanship to the restaurant’s kitchen. “I am very focused on using teamwork to bring fresh and modern flavors to our menu,” said Escobar. “Here at The Foundry we work hard to create sensory experiences. We want people to taste the love in every bite.”
Customer favorites from the happy hour menu include fire roasted Asian sticky chicken wings, crispy pineapple and coconut fried shrimp, crunchy seasoned calamari with kimchee aioli, the Chef’s summer seafood bites platter, a mouthwatering trio of cheeseburger sliders and the famous short rib flatbread. “We flash bake all our flatbreads for about six minutes in our 700-degree wood-fire pizza oven,” said Julian. “Everything is made fresh to order using nothing but the highest quality ingredients.
We also pride ourselves on offering many vegan and vegetarian alternatives.” His creations are nothing short of art on a plate. His knack for combining unexpected ingredients results in creations that are both visually stunning and delicious. Food enthusiasts flock to The Foundry to sample signature dishes such as the Mr. Fish seafood bowl, the delicate lobster-stuffed ravioli with lemon butter sauce, the 12 hour slow- roasted braised short rib, the grilled octopus, the bourbon BBQ burger, the barbacoa tacos, the grilled salmon with miso glaze, the Ahi tunapoke, the to-ounce caramelized woodfire pork chop with truffle butter risotto and a host of tender steaks including ribeye, New York strip, and even Wagyu beef. “We are so grateful to the community for all the support they have given us,” says Chef Julian. “I know our customers will love all the great surprises we have in store for the upcoming season.”
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